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Bioma Boutique Hotel is located in the historic center of Mompos / Mompox; we offer the possibility of relaxing in comfortable and spacious rooms with air conditioning and free WiFi.

Our spectacular terrace allows you to discover a Mompos / Mompox told from its beautiful colonial roofs, you will find a jacuzzi ideal to relax after having traveled the hot Colonial streets of Santa Cruz de Mompox.

Your best hotel choice in Mompos / Mompox!



Venture to Mompos / Mompox and witness the rebirth of this legendary city that played an important role in the political, religious, economic and intellectual transformation of Colombia.

Peacefully anchored between the currents of the Magdalena River, Mompox is located on the eastern shore of one of the largest fluvial islands in the world. The mighty Magdalena River washed Mompos / Mompox with riches but as time went by the river withdrew its favors as it settled and changed its course, thus cutting Mompos / Mompox of its life blood and isolating it from the world...

Paradoxically, it was this same act of nature that shielded Mompos / Mompox in a cocoon, preventing its degradation and preserving it as the jewel colony that it is today, which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO from 1995



Mompos / Mompox is a magical place where you will not only be able to visit historical sites but you will also have the opportunity to sit back, relax and absorb its unique atmosphere...
Relax in an environment where people and everything around you evokes the magical realism embodied in novels by Gabriel García Márquez, a place where time stood still and its guests live history from within.

Mompos / Mompox is the ideal place to read a book or give free rein to your imagination and write a novel, walk along the river bank, navigate the river to enjoy the wildlife and admire the sunset, talk with the Momposinos and allow them to invite you to see their houses, visit a little-known botanical garden, admire how the trained goldsmith makes filigree jewelery, enjoy sweet lemon dessert and accompany it with locally produced corozo wine. These and many more are the wonders that attract travelers to Mompox. Here you won't find theme parks or large nightclubs... venture to Mompos / Mompox to get away from it all.

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